Borley Home - Waterfall Country Estate

This 720 square metre house was a unique challenge based on the fact that it had an underground cellar with cast in situ concrete walls, a window into the pool and a feature wall that stretches up through all three levels that was also cast in situ concrete. The house is a unique mix of concrete, steel and glass that is contemporary and classy.

Some key features of this home include:

  • A glass bridge
  • Underground wine cellar and hidden TV multi-room
  • Double lengthened sliding shutters and mechanized roller blinds
  • Cavity walls with polystyrene in fill’s
  • Full double glazing
  • A smart piping solution that does the under floor heating and is linked into a fresh water system that heats the home water
  • Free-floating slabs and massive cantilevers

This stunning home was a wonderful challenge for Bobtons Construction and we came out on top. The seamless house boasts a touch of country and elegance all rolled together to make pure perfection. This home has been built to the SANS (South African National Standards) 10 400 requirements making it a green home.

This home was featured in the February 2014 issue of SA Homeowner Magazine.

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